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Butterfly RTF, 400mm
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Item #: FMM077R -

FMS Butterfly is remarkable featured ultra-lightweight material (less then one ounce), ultraslow speed, which allow it to fly both indoor and outdoor (on a calm day).Everything you need to get started is included in the box, even the batteries. After placing the AA battery in the radio, charge the airplane battery for 15- 20 mins and you will soon enjoy the maximum enthusiasm to fly in the sky.The FMS Butterfly maintains our consistent product stand: delicacy and high-quality, meanwhile with...

T34,17.5 Rubber Power
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Dumas Products, Inc. Item #: DUM204 -

This is a Walnut scale, Rubber-Powered, T-34 Mentor Free Flight Model. For Beginners Learning How To Build & Fly Or The Advanced Modeler.FEATURES"Stick and Tissue" Construction (Many Small Sticks Glued Together ToForm The Airplane and Then The Frame Is Covered With Tissue Paper).Over 50 Lazer-Cut Parts and Hand Selected BalsaLight-Weight Red and White Tissue Paper CoveringColor Peel-And-Stick Decal SetFull Size Plan and Step-By-Step InstructionsPlastic Propeller, Tailwheel and 2-Two-Piece...

Zero, RTF, 800mm
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Item #: FMM036R -

The A6MZero was a long-range fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Air Service. In early combat operations, the Zero gained a legendary reputation as a 'dogfighter' remaining king of the air until around 1943. The aircraft was designed with long range and performance in mind, durability and pilot protection were not considered priorities and this led to many very good pilots to loose their lives. Ultimately this resulted in an Allied advantage later in the war.FMS have...