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Command Servo/Battery Lead Fut J
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Hobbico Item #: HCAM2300 -


Hobbico Brushless Motor Cessna 182 Select Scale
Retail: $24.99
Price: $22.99
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Hobbico Item #: HCAA3838 -

This is the replacement Brushless Motor for theFlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane Select EP RTF 47.5"FEATURESBrushlessOutrunner designPre-installed bullet connectors1400KV ratingINCLUDESBrushless MotorREQUIREMENTSInstallation on the Cessna 182 SelectTwo 3mm nuts and one washer0-HCAA3838

Hobbico Flyzone Propeller, Cessna 182 RTF
Price: $3.99
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Hobbico Item #: HCAA3835 -

This is the replacement Propeller for the FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane Select EP RTF 47.5"FEATURESNylon constructionBlack in colorINCLUDESOne PropellerREQUIREMENTSInstallation on the airplaneSPECIFICATIONSLength: 210mm (8.3")0-HCAA3835

Hobbico LiPo 11.1V 1300mAh Battery Super Cub RTF
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Price: $39.99
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Hobbico Item #: HCAA6310 -

This is the 11.V 1300mAh LiPo Battery for theFlyZone Piper Super Cub Select Series.FEATURESDesigned specifically for the Flyzone Super CubINCLUDES11.V 1300mAh LiPo Battery with two pin Plug and Balance ConnectorREQUIREMENTS3S LiPo chargerSPECIFICATIONSLength: 2.6" (67mm)Width: 1.4" (35mm)Height: 0.87" (22mm)Weight: 3.5oz (100g)mAh Rating: 1300Charge Rate: 1.3A maxContinuous Discharge Rate: 10C0-HCAA6310 ...

Hobbico Propeller with Spinner, Skyfly 2
Retail: $3.99
Price: $3.59
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Hobbico Item #: hcaa3893 -

This is the Propeller and Spinner for the Hobbico SkyFly 2FEATURES7x3 propeller constructed of black nylonSpinner constructed on red nylonINCLUDESOne propeller with spinnerREQUIREMENTSInstallation on the SkyFly 2SPECIFICATIONSLength: 7" (177.8mm)0-hcaa3893

Spinner Cessna 350 Corvalis RX-R
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Item #: HCAA6364 -

This is the Spinner for the FlyZone Cessna 350 Corvalis Select Scale Airplane.FEATURESPlastic constructionChrome in colorINCLUDESOne SpinnerTwo 2.5mm x 8mm Button Head ScrewsREQUIREMENTSInstallation on the motor shaftSPECIFICATIONSDiameter: 35.45mm (1.4")Backplate Thickness: 13mm (0.51")0-HCAA6364